Empower learners through technology

在线学习, Design and 技术 master’s degree will equip you with technical knowledge and skills to become a valuable resource for your school, 企业或组织. Learn to manage technology resources and effectively instruct students, teachers and other professionals in educational or training environments.

Choose from concentration areas in:

  • 信息技术
  • 教学技术
  • Leadership in 教学技术
  • 学校图书馆员

Career Opportunities with a Master's in Learning, Design and 技术

  • 指导设计师
  • 技术助理
  • IT支持专员
  • 顾问
  • 技术培训协调员
  • 技术经理
  • 技术培训总监
  • 它的主管
  • 学校图书馆员

"I believe the most valuable thing I gained from this program is an eye opening to the experiences and realizing that technology it's not going anywhere. It's here to stay in education and that's really going to give me a leg up to be able to help my students and not only them, but also the teachers that I work with."




A graduate degree helps you advance your career by qualifying for higher positions with additional leadership opportunities. The median salary for those with master’s degrees is 16% higher than for those with an undergraduate degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.